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About Trolley Bus Press!

I'm J.L. McGregor and Trolley Bus Press is the micro-publishing house for my work, creating cards and art prints that are unique, interesting and outside the norm, for people to share their aroha (love).

The point of difference of my products from other companies is primarily content. I do not print ‘generic’ cards en masse, like other card publishers. I want to create humour and art that is outside the norm; that is fresh and topical.  I want to sell my cards to people who think that the card spinners and card stands in bookstores and gift shops are lame; and instead want to give something that is unique and thoughtful.

New content is created as I come up with it and the cards are printed by my excellent printer and other suppliers to produce a top quality product.

If you are a retailer who thinks that my work will fit in with your customer base, please get in touch by registering your details below and I will get send you the latest catalogue and get in touch with you personally.  It would be a business doing pleasure with you!


I also create cards that are especially for you, for a particular occasion or event; or as a fun and unique way to connect with your clientele or loved ones, that they will love.  If you are interested, please get in touch using the form below and I will be in touch to discuss your needs and how we make this happen.


Let’s Do This!

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